Week 4 Schedule a little hectic

This week as been a bit hectic had to go out of town at the last minute with my daughter which set me behind on my blogging and doing what I need to do this week doing my best to push through.  I have 2 beautiful daughters each one of them have a child and it’s like I’m a parent all over again always running to them to help I guess you can say I’m the designated babysitter it’s hard telling them No.  I know I have to let them figure it out but it’s hard for me at this point. Never the less i’m moving forward and I am going to create a better blue print for myself.


Week 3 Old blueprint came back

This has been a very challenging week for me some good things some bad.  lest start with the good a good friend of mine came in on Tuesday he is a security guard for a famous R&B (R,Kelly) he said he was under staffed and needed my help so I took the job. from Wed the 7th until Mon the 11th it was fun but very hectic work providing security for such a famous person but it was fun no sleep.  The bad: A bad break up with the woman I thought was the one together 10 yrs.  Although I made it on Sunday’s call I was not focused, the past week procrastination and excuses set in I wasn’t able to complete all my assignments I felt I was falling behind that’s  why i’m just now getting around to blogging. I’m learning that I have the push when I think I can’t, staying true to myself and keeping my promise. I know we all fall down but it’s how we get up that matters.   I’ m back on track now ready for week 4.

Week 2 digging in

I’m now on week two building my new habit of reading and keeping my promise. My son has finally come home from the hospital he is doing well and now I’m able to get more done. For a minute I thought I was going to have to drop out because of all the little road blocks but I’m steadily knocking them down.  I love the reading repetition keeps me away from the TV. On Sunday we wrote on the 3×7 cards and my promise was to clean my closet out by Oct 11th well  I’M DONE. YES MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Well I’m looking foward to week three where I’ll have much more time and maybe write 2 to 3 blogs a week. Man this program is the best.

Week 1 My challenge

This first week has been a real Challenge it started like this.  Sunday Sept. 27th I woke with excitement this was going to be a great new day  it’s my birthday and the start of the MKMMA, I couldn’t wait until 1pm  to see the first video I paced back and forth waiting wondering could I really change my life will this really help me?   well 1 o’clock came and I made through that great presentation with excitement ready to get started, then the sad calls came in my family  call  to wish me happy birthday and brought up the sad  memories of three of my family member that had transitioned on my birthday, 1st my Uncle, 2nd my Aunt and my grandfather and one year apart. If that wasn’t enough I received a call that my son was rushed to the hospital his mother had found him laying on the floor unresponsive you about 2 months ago my son and his girlfriend were attacked my 10 young men my son was beat and kicked in the head due to this attack he now has Epilepsy. Man I went from excitement to sadness which caused me to start this project late, but as I started going through the lessons I realized it’s that old Blue print trying to get me to quit not going to happen.  I’m thankful and grateful for my Scholarship and I will and Promise to Succeed.